Thursday, 30 August 2012


I'm too busy with work at the moment to devote time to picking enough blackberries for jam, but I did manage to gather enough to make a delicious smoothie. There are a few bushes on the other side of the common so I wandered over there during a break from the computer. I walked back via a street I don;t normally take and found another example of a graffiti artist who creates some beautiful work and leaves it around the city.

Midsummer Common in the evening light

Adding to my collection - this artist pops up all over Cambridge
What an incredible colour!

1 banana
cup of soya milk (happened to have some left over from making a vegan cake for a friend)
cup of blackberries
cup of oats
spoonful of honey

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  1. Ooh, whereabouts on Midsummer common were these? Nothing quite like apple and blackberry crumble made with wild (aka tasty) blackberries.

  2. That looks so yummy! The sweet deer ate all of our blackberries...

    ~Have a lovely day!