Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer Pootle Day 19 & 20 : Larking About


On Friday we stayed in Ely to get some things done. I got on with some work, whilst James painted the rest of the roof pale grey, as well as the window surrounds. We went into the library (blessed air conditioning!), went shopping, ate home made lasagne, not much really.

Saturday was more of the same for me, but James went into town because he was to be working for the local cycle courier company Outspoken, taking a newly-married couple by cycle rickshaw from the church to their reception venue. He'll be doing the same next weekend too!

When he got back, it was such a nice evening that we decided head out to Prickwillow early. As we went, we passed nb Yarwood on the Queen Adelaide moorings, who called out that they too were going to Prickwillow on Sunday. We moored up and had a little walk in the evening sunshine.

Turning into the River Lark

Prickwillow moorings

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  1. Will James he rowing for Outspoken next year ;-?

  2. I've just noticed how flat your roof looks - do you get water pooling?