Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bathroom Redecorated

James has been very busy over the past few days, redecorating the bathroom. Before, it was plain varnished plywood, with an ornate cupboard door. Now, it's this brilliant cherry red shade, of an exterior grade paint, and so it feels completely transformed, along with a new cupboard door.

It was a lot of hastle to do, because we've been unable to use the bathroom for the past few days, as James was sanding, priming, undercoating, and putting on two topcoats- but the finished effect is worth it.

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  1. Lovely bathroom remodel. James did a great job and it looks very cheery.
    :) Jaq

  2. Why is it that in order to sell our boat/house etc we tart it up and make it look really nice. Why can't we do this for ourselves? I put up with the nasty wood chip on the walls in my house for 10 years, for new tenants/prospective new owners (I hadn't decided) I had the walls replastered and put carpet on the stairs etc. Looked lovely - why didn't it look like that for me?

    That bathroom looks far too good for someone else, you get some enjoyment out of it first!

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