Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shackerstone Festival - Saturday

We spent the weekend at Shackerstone Family Festival on the Ashby canal. We camped on our friend Sarah's new (old) boat, the josher Lamprey. Also camping in Sarah's boat were Tom and Sophie, fellow historic narrow boat enthusiasts. It was a lovely weekend, and great to catch up with friends.

We arrived on Friday, in Sarah's car, having been picked up at the station near where she works. We had great fun cooking spaghetti bolognese on the range in her back cabin, with some help from a small gas  camping stove, before heading to the pub.

On Saturday, we had a delicious breakfast of eggy bread and bacon cooked by Mike in Victoria's back cabin before going for a cruise up to the current head of navigation of the Ashby canal and back.

James and Tom spent the afternoon servicing Sarah's engine, and then we all went to the Rising Sun for a meal.

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  1. We were "at" Shackerstone, to big a crowd so we kept moving to Snarestone until the crowds diminished and we could head back down the Ashby. Thought I recognized Amy sitting in the hold of a boat, sorry if you thought I was staring!
    Mike in nb GARNET, recently of Garnet, Ontario.