Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Behind again!

We've had a busy few days and got behind again, oops!

On Saturday, James was off helping John and Mark with Alan's engine. I went into the library to do some work. In the afternoon, we met up with James's step-aunt, her husband, their sons and also James's brother, Sam. It was really nice to see them, and we took them on a punting tour of Cambridge before enjoying a curry with them in the evening.

On Sunday, with the boat still in St Ives, I went rowing, then came home to do some work, and James joined John and Mark for some clay pigeon shooting. He really enjoyed it, although he didn't hit very many of them!

On Monday, which really felt like an extension of the weekend, we attended the wedding of a couple of good friends of ours.

The High Anglican service was wonderful - really intense and beautiful with some readings which were so appropriate to their shared beliefs. The bride looked stunning, the bridesmaids were beautiful and the sun shone despite forecasts. There was a shower while we were inside listening to speeches, which were fantastic - her husband's one was particularly funny, and the best woman had made a great video asking them about each other, to which their answers were incredibly similar, but the sun came out again for when James had the job of punting the bridal party down the river to the restaurant where the reception was held.  He changed into waistcoat and boater, for the role! All in all a great day, I was so happy for them! Here's us, and below is the bridge and groom in their punt.

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