Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Pootle Day 15 - Going for Gold

Bedford - Great Barford

Having left the boat in Priory Marina for the weekend, we were keen to go into Bedford itself on Monday morning. James had been before, for rowing events, and on Kestrel, but I'd never been at all. 

We moored up on Sovereign Quay, the head of navigation for powered craft, and went into the town.

I wanted to find the postbox painted gold for the canoeist Etienne Stott, near the Town Hall. We ate bacon butties, and looked around a lovely shop selling vintage clothes, before heading back out to the boat.

Our destination for the day was Great Barford, one of the stops on the X5 bus route, so that I could head into town for the evening, to re rig the boat I rowed at Peterborough and have a meal with my crew.

Great Barford has some really lovely EA moorings just by the bridge. Highly recommended. 

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  1. The limit of navigation is Walnut Groge Pumping Station (TL 02064 47596) although teh practical limit of navigation is at the low bridge just before (TL 02371 47659). See our blog at