Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Pootle Day 16: More changes of Plan

Great Barford - St Neots

A short day's cruising, because we wanted to have a sort out of things and give some unwanted clothes to charity shops. The pile of coats and jackets in the corner was getting out of hand, so we set aside a pile to divest ourselves of in a nearby charity shop.

Our plans to cruise down the tidal New Bedford river were unfortunately squashed, when I called Denver and there was a lot of teeth sucking and 'Ooh, I wouldn't if I were you' from the chap on the phone - apparently, the combination of neap tides and a lot of silt at the mouth of Denver lock would make the whole thing pretty treacherous so sadly it is not to be this time round. However, an acceptable alternative has been decided upon - the Museum of Fenland Drainage at Prickwillow is running its engines for one of only three occasions this year, on Sunday as part of a Rural Crafts day. So we will go there instead. 

We were moored up on the park moorings opposite the pontoon in St Neots where we were let off several years ago by some kids. A similarly loud bunch were occupying the pontoon this time round. The park is lovely though. Perfect territory to let Lyra out too - no big bad woods for her to get lost in, just a few trees and bushes along the edges. 

The pontoon where we didn't moor

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