Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stormy Weather

We've just had a massive thunderstorm and torrential rain. The river rose several inches, and the storm drains were overwhelmed. James was unfortunately caught out in it and had to shelter from the hail in a bush! If you look closely at the bottom one of City rowing club, you can see that there is water flowing past the club and into the river- the drainage systems were simply not up to it.

Co-incidentally I was inside writing about the vulnerability of the UK housing stock to driving rain when it happened! Lyra was very scared by the noise of it all, and wandered about inside, yowling. I ventured out once it had stopped to take a couple of photos.


  1. We'd had an afternoon on the tidal Thames - down to Barking Creek mouth and back - perfect weather until 4pm - we got off the river into Limehouse lock just as the serious lightning and unbelievable rain started.

    So glad we weren't caught on the river!

    The weather's been so moody this 'summer' and the rivers with them :-(

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream