Friday, 10 August 2012

Summer Pootle Day 13: Anchors Away!*

Godmanchester - Eaton Socon EA moorings

Just a quick one, to catch up. We left Godmanchester in the morning, and headed upstream.

The water tank was running low, and we were running low on fresh food and - disaster - milk to make tea with, so we planned to stop on the floating pontoon moorings at St Neots to restock, before moving onto Eaton Socon.

Although there was a gap on the pontoon, it wasn't quite long enough, so we breasted up with NB Chelsea and ran out the long hose reel. The water point has been unavailable recently, and I'm pleased to say it's refurbished- quite a good thing to know, as there's very few water points on this waterway.

After restocking the fridge and the watertank, we headed further upstream towards Eaton Socon.

At Eaton Socon lock, we were assist3ed through by a group of young lads, who were enjoying swimming in the lock. Bit of a dilemma really, because they technically shouldn't as it's against the EA's byelaws, but they weren't doing any harm.

We moored up in a gap just the right size for the Duck on the EA moorings just upstream of the lock, and then, after retrieving Lyra from the woods where she went exploring, we both went into Cambridge on the X5 bus for rowing outings.

On the way, we picked up the folding trolley from our garage, and an anchor from our friend Mark's boat, Suzi Q, for the New Bedford River on the way back.

The bus driver, on the way home, didn't bat an eyelid - I'd meant to tell him that it was for use if the brakes on the bus failed!

* - John- yes, I know it ought to be "Anchors A-weigh".

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  1. The New Bedford River is rather underwhelming. We were very disappointed with the promised whoosh as we explain on our blog at

    I've uploaded the photo gallery at where the graph in the last photo has more explanation.

    Is the anchor for the handbrake turn at Denver?

    Sorry we only managed the briefest of encounters at Ely. We're half way back up the Nene on the way to rejoin the other half of the world.