Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Neighbours!

James moved the Duck back into town yesterday, and our old spot was free! So, we are now moored up back on the Common. Lots of new arrivals in town since we went away. One couple have traded up for a bigger boat, and several have arrived, including the lovely Chris and Simone on nb Light Enough To Travel. They have a blog, although they've not updated it for a bit, and have lived on the boat for a while - in Bristol at first, before they got the Cambridge mooring.

From their blog
We knew they were arriving soon because they are friends of John on Pippin, and we were delighted to find that they are moored right next to us, having considerately consulted with Julius on nb Nooksak to make sure that there would still be room for the Duck when we returned.

They had parents visiting so we only stopped for a quick chat, but hopefully we will get to know them better now that we are neighbours.

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