Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Camp on the Wild Side

On Friday night, Amy and I, and some friends camped out at Wicken Fen, at the National Trust's wild camp site. It's in the middle of nowhere - it needs a 15 minute walk from the nearest (rough farm track) road - and you have to bring everything in with you. It's £25 per night and can sleep up to 25 people!

There's a fire pit on site, and rough wooden shelters to sleep in- and a composting loo.  And that's it.

We had a great time sitting around the fire, cooking food on the embers and making tea from Elisabeth's Ghillie Kettle, and enjoyed spotting meteors and stargazing at the clear sky.

In the morning, we woke with the sun at about 5:30am. I re-lit the fire, which had gone out, and we all enjoyed early morning cups of tea and some (very early) breakfast. James and Emma's 1 year old son, on his first camping trip, slept the whole night through, better than everyone and for much longer than his mum and dad expected!

 We headed back into Cambridge for an early morning start - because Amy and I had a very busy weekend ahead of us....

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  1. That looks so perfect...love the tea kettle!

    ~Have a lovely day!