Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 3: Uncharted Waters

6 miles: 2 hours

First off, we filled up with diesel from the Little Ouse Moorings. Best price in the Fens - 90p/l - and you can self-declare any split you want. We filled the tank and a jerry can. James helped John Pippin take down his wind turbine so that he could get the boat into the drydock, then we said our goodbyes and were off.

This is new territory for us. We'd been up the Little Ouse Moorings before, to have the Duck blacked, but not carried on up the river towards Brandon before. We didn't go far - we were heading for the GOBA moorings halfway, and arrived at 12pm. It was such a glorious day that I couldn't resist going for a swim in the cool, clear water. It was really quite warm, and so lovely!

I'm in love with this mooring - it is beautiful, quiet and remote. There's one other boat on it now, but we had it to ourselves for hours. After swimming and a light lunch, I had to do some work, but it is such a joy to be here that I didn't mind.

We also saw loads of F15 jet fighters flying over with great speed and noise, which was quite fun even if it spoilt the peace somewhat! Lyra loved the place - hiding and jumping about in the grass all afternoon.

In the evening we discovered the only downside to the mooring - all the mosquitos! But the lovely evening sunset made up for it. 

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  1. Hi Amy & James

    We are going to be on the move from Monday for 3+ weeks so hope to meet up along the way. My plan is to headt to the releif chanel and work towards Cambridge. I will probably miss out the Lark.

    We have two Airedales looking to chase your Lyra