Monday, 16 July 2012


Thankfully the river is nearly back down to normal levels now and there has been no boat drama that we are aware of! The willow blocking the river has yet to be moved by the Cam Conservators (now there's a surprise), but according to the Cambridge News they will try to move it before Bumps. (I am also misquoted in that article - I don't remember saying that at all, but it's not too offensive or controversial so I don't really mind). We wait with baited breath to find out if the Town Bumps will be rowed this year.

John on Pippin has posted about the flooding out at the Parish, meanwhile Matilda Rose and Yarwood are moored downstream near Bottisham lock, and are also wading through floodwater. We hope to see them in Cambridge soon, once the water abates!

I really feel for those in houses near the river - boats have the advantage of floating, but house-owners have to stand by and watch as water inundates their living rooms. It must be awful. We saw people pumping out their homes and stripping carpets along Riverside. Their flood-proof gates were useless, as the water came down the hill and from the drains, not the river! There are a lot of photos on local flooding in the Cambridge News's slideshow, here

This evening, however, we'll forget the dramas of the weekend and enjoy celebrating James birthday. No booze though, it's the Bumps on Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my glad everything is settling back down...

  2. Good job its the bumps or the would probably ust eave the tree to rot away.

  3. Why not have lots of booze and then give James the Bumps??


  4. Happy birthday James - meet soon. Jill

  5. Happy Birthday James, glad to hear you've kept safe.