Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bumps: Day 2

Yesterday morning, I popped over to say hi to the Yarwoods and Matilda Roses, who are visiting Cambridge by boat for a few days. Sadly I couldn't stay long as I had to get back to work.

In the evening it was back to the river for Bumps night 2. My Nines crew was bumped by the boat behind, which means that we are no longer sandwich boat (frankly a bit of a relief - the sandwich boat has to row twice in succession in two divisions every night). I was then free to go and watch our W1 and M1 later on that evening. The women rowed over very solidly and James's M1's hard work was rewarded with a very exciting bump - they caught the Cantabs boat in front just in time to avoid being bumped by the St Neots boat behind! Some very good rowing and coxing.

Elsewhere in the club the results were as follows:
M1:Bumped up
M2: Bumped up
M3: Bumped up (they are now sandwich boat)

W1: Rowed over
W2: Got bumped

So, a full house for the men's squad!

Last night we also heard the wonderful news that our friends and fellow YWBS members Rebekah and Matt's little baby girl, Eliza, arrived safely. Congratulations to them!

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