Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 6: We meet at Last!

Littleport moorings - The Ship

Yes, back to exactly where we were the previous day!

On Thursday in the morning, we saw Matilda Rose and Yarwood heading past the mooring towards The Ship, which is at the confluence of the Little Ouse / Brandon Creek and the Great Ouse,  where we moored recently. Amy texted Lesley, and found out that they would be back on board from the late afternoon, so we decided to head back and meet up with them; we've been trying to properly meet for ages, and so thought it would be worth a 45 minute journey to retrace our steps.

Before we could head off, Amy headed into Littleport to get a few bits of food from the shops, and I went to Cambridge by train to pick up some parcels of engine bits (new R&D flexible coupling and shaft clamp, and new engine mounts) which I had had delivered to me, in order for John , Mark and I to fix Irene's engine

It was very hot, but we made it with no trouble to The Ship, where we moored up and met Lesley and Joe from Yarwood (and Fletcher and Floyd, the two boistrous black labradors!) and also Graham and Jill from Matilda Rose, and their cat Daisy who didn't get on too well with Lyra!

A convivial evening was had by all in the pub, as we were joined by John who had returned to Pippin which had been blacked in the nearby boatyard.

Lyra found a novel way of coping with the weather:

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