Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 9: Change of Plan

Stretham Old Engine GOBA mooring - St Ives, The Waits mooring 

We had planned to head into Cambridge by bus today, to do some work and check our post, but a phone call confirmed that there was no post waiting. As Amy is due to row tomorrow evening, we decided to head onwards to St Ives, so we can both go into Cambridge on the convenient and fast Guided Bus tomorrow.

After visiting the centre of Stretham village to post something and restock on biscuits - we'd had a bit of a pig out yesterday, and eaten all the biscuits we had, clearly an intolerable situation - we pulled the pins and headed off into the grey day.

It was pretty inclement weather, with occasional light showers and watery sunshine. We made Hermitage Lock just after the lock-keeper's lunch break came to an end, having had to clear the prop of weeds several times on a very weedy Old West River. Once through Hermitage Lock, Amy saw a seal on the tidal part of the river by Westview Marina, but I was inside and, unfortunately, missed it - maybe I'll see it on the way back.

There was quite a strong flow on the river, and so we upped the revs and punched the flow, arriving in St Ives at about 5pm. We headed down the side channel to The Waits EA moorings, where we have moored before.

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