Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 7: Deja Vu!

The Ship - Wild Moorings, Queen Adelaide Straight

Wild Moorings - Ely

A day of two halves, really! In the morning and early afternoon, we met up with the Pippins, moved the boat, and worked on painting the roof; after bringing the boat to Ely, we then headed to London to stay over on Indigo Dream, before an exciting cruise to Barking Creek early on Saturday morning.

Friday morning saw us heading down the Little Ouse to meet the Pippins. We then cruised in convoy back towards Ely, looking for a place to moor and work on the boats. John and Jackie planned to get the angle grinders out and sand Pippin's roof down in preparation for painting; I wanted to get a coat of paint onto the Duck's roof, and do some other noisy jobs.

It was imperative, then, to find a mooring in the middle of nowhere, where we wouldn't disturb anyone else with angle grinders, generators, and noise; and so, after passing through Littleport, we found a patch of bank, most of the way along the Queen Adelaide straight, where most of the vegetation that normally lines the bank and prevents access had been cut and trodden down by fishermen, allowing us to moor the two boats to the bank.

We got down to grinding, sanding, cleaning and painting, and made good progress. I managed to get a coat of topcoat (International Atlantic Grey) onto most of the roof - but had to cease at 3pm, when we moved the boat into Ely, to catch a train to London - Amy and I were going to go on the Thames with Indigo Dream, not only onto the Tideway but through the Thames Barrier and onto Woolwich where the river is half a mile wide and narrowboats look very, very small....

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