Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer Pootle Day 5: Little (to re-)port

The Ship (Junction of the Little and Great Ouse) - Littleport (Railway station moorings)

3 miles, 1 hour

Not a great deal to report today, in fact the shortest day's cruising in ages! We decided to move the boat closer to civilisation, so we could pick up some more milk and groceries, and so headed upstream towards Littleport.

The journey was quite unadventurous, although we managed to overtake two cruisers which is pretty good going for a narrowboat!

We moored up by 11am and visited the library in Littleport to use their computers for work, and to get some books out; the library system in Cambridgeshire allows you to take books out from any library in the county, which is very convenient for local journeys.

We've spent the late afternoon outside in the shade of some trees by the mooring, doing some more work, reading, and generally relaxing and trying to stay cool. Lyra has, of course, found a shaded spot under a bench and trampled herself out a little nest in the long grass.

You may also spot something interesting with the window frames in the picture above. James' project is stripping them of the old, blue paint- we didn't repaint them from the old royal blue that the Duck carried when we repainted it a couple of years ago - and re-doing them in primer, ready for painting in International Atlantic Grey to match the strips down the gunwales and the roof. 

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