Monday, 23 July 2012

Bumps Day 4

(see below for an update on where we are now!)

It was spoons for my crew on Friday - spoons are when you go down (get bumped) every night. Boo. But I had fun and it has whetted my appetite for more rowing.

James's crew unfortunately also got bumped, bringing them to finish in exactly the same position as they started. But they were pleased with their week's performance and holding station in the M1 division is very respectable.

Here they are getting bumped by St Neots:

The rest of the club's results
M1: Got bumped
M2: Bumped up
M3: Got bumped
W1: Got bumped
W2: Rowed over (avoiding Spoons!)

The club blog about the Bumps is here:

After the Bumps was the infamous party. We started the night with our respective crews, then the whole club packed out the Waterman, which was great fun. Then we moved over to the party at City, which went on until silly o'clock in the morning. By 4am, we'd had enough of the noise, so we untied the Duck and headed off into the dawn, to go down river to Ely. It was beautiful!

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