Saturday, 14 May 2011

What's in my bag?

Lots of girls whose blogs I read have recently done 'What's in my bag' blog posts, and for a while I'd been thinking it would be fun to do one of my own given the array of random things I end up keeping in my handbag as a result of rowing and boating!

But it wasn't until Michelle of Daisybutter posted about a promotion on facebook where you could get a 'reading' based on your bag contents that I finally got around to it. I just thought it would be a bit of fun to see what Debbie of Handbag Therapy made of me, with my spanners and gaffer tape amongst everything else!

So, this is what was in my bag at the weekend

Bottle of water
Old train tickets
Gaffer tape (probably left in there from last time I raced off-Cam)
Spanner aka 'rigger jigger' (for tightening nuts on rowing boats)
Prescription sunglasses
(Normally I'd always carry a torch, but I had temporarily misplaced it when I took this.)
(On a work day I'll also normally have a hairbrush in there too.)

And here's what Debbie had to say about me, going on what I keep in my handbag:
Dear Amy, Wow! This is definitely a first for me - to come across a boater  and rower's handbag.  I always love finding new and unusual things in a lady or gentleman's bag - you are now on my top 10 list!  Here is what I would say about your bag:  It suggests you are grounded, meaning 'rooted' not head in the clouds or ethereal.  You have a solid sense of who you are.  If I were a friend of yours I would describe you as reliable, and practical and pragmatic: someone I could depend upon.  So if you say you are going to do something, you do it!  I can also sense that you either need some more balance in life right now, or you are someone who does focus on achieving a sense of balance.  It isn't clear which it is.  I think you are a lady who has a reflective learning style and will process events and experiences afterwards to draw meaning and learning from them.  You are also someone who can afford to be a little more daring with your travel plans.  "Push the boat out" a little further as they say (sorry about the pun!). Another way to be more bold is to be more expressive - it is as if you are kind and tactful and have a quiet power - which are great qualities - just make sure you are equally as willing to be strong and surface your own needs and desires.  I feel that you are open to new ideas and opportunities.  You are active, busy and single minded.  This will be especially useful when pursuing your goals.  Keep to the plan - you are someone who needs a plan, and will do well when you surround yourself with like minded people.  I do hope you have enjoyed your reading, and good luck with the water sports. 

Not a bad assessment of me I thought. But then, a person's possessions say a lot more about them than, for example, the lines on their hands or what star sign they were born under!

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