Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunday Yoga

Photo: WikiCommons

I've discovered the perfect way to end a busy weekend: a yoga session. It's not something I've tried before, but I really enjoyed it because it is relaxing and physically tough simultaneously, and I'm planning to continue going to these Sunday classes. Hopefully it will help me become more flexible which will improve my rowing, too. James has even expressed an interest in going! There were quite a few boys at the class.

I'm only sad that I don't have the space at home to practice. I don't really fancy doing it out on the Common with everyone watching!

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  1. The class looks lovely! so bright and airy and relaxing...

  2. Whenever I've been to a yoga class I always come out feeeling amazing, like I'm floating! I try and do it at home but it's never the same. Google 'Star Wars yoga' to get your boyrfirend interested ;)

  3. That wasn't our class (alas!), which was rather busy with stressed students wanting a break and a chance to get their heads straight. When I first started going after Christmas, I assumed yoga would be gentle stretching, but this class is rather more intensive - and very effective!

  4. It is so lovely ,but I don't like busy weenken