Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Favourite Finds v.10

My favourite charity shop in Cambridge is Sally Ann's the Salvation Army shop. It's a big warehouse type shop, a bit haphazard, and has lots of space for furniture. Unlike a lot of the other charity shops, it is really cheap - proper jumble sale prices. I don't begrudge paying a bit more in some of the shops on Burleigh St if I really like something, but I enjoy finding real bargains in Sally Ann's. 
I'm still on the look out for pretty pots and containers to keep the place tidy and so I was really excited to find all these in Sally Ann's for 20p each! The tall tin is now where I keep spaghetti. The smaller ones are useful for storing hairclips and jewellery, and I hope to make jam to put in the little glass ones when it's blackberry season. The rolling pin will come in handy for making biscuits and pastry and it was 20p too!

In other news, Burleigh Street is getting its 8th charity shop, mainly selling furniture, books and bric-a-brac! The existing Red Cross shop is staying (I checked!) mainly selling clothes.

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  1. I love charity shops! Very impressed with your 20p finds - I went in search of jars & bottles yesterday and the closest I could find to what I wanted was £1.50 :(