Monday, 9 May 2011

Last Slice

On Friday night I made the delicious white wine, cream, mushroom and bacon spaghetti that I blogged about (from What Katie Ate). It was eaten far too quickly to be able to photograph it but it was delicious! Since I had a big race on Saturday (the Head to Head race is double the distace we normally race on the Cam) I was carb loading, so I also made a creme fraiche chocolate tart. It ended up more like a baked cheesecake texture because I used more creme fraiche than before but was still really nice!

When James came home for dinner he passed on a mesage from the crew he had been coxing (a Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall composite) that they needed a sub for the race on Saturday, but in a different division to mine. They have helped us out with subs in the past so I agreed. I also decided to eat even more pasta as this mean I would now be racing two 4km races back to back!

Saturday's races went pretty well. My Chesterton boat had a good solid first leg and maintained it through the second, although I don't think we ever really left our comfort zone. We got 8:42 for the first 2km and 8:52 for the second. There's a video here, for anyone who might be interested, although it's from Facebook.
Then it was back home for a quick break, a slice of chocolate tart and and apple before heading over to race for Lucy Hughes. They were hoping to win their category and were racing one boat ahead of Peterhouse, their closest opposition. They put me at 7, a fairly responsible position in the boat, and so I got a little nervous heading to the start: could I do what they needed of me, especially as I'd already raced that morning? I knew that I'd have to push myself to give everything I had and maintain my technique so that the rest of bowside could follow me! They had a good, very motivating cox which helped, and after the end of the first 2km, I felt like I'd done OK. Then I had to do the same again the other direction! By the end of my 4th 2km of the day, I felt more spent than I have for a long time, but pleased to have done it, and not let them down. I had also definitely left my comfort zone during that race, which felt good. And to top it all, we won the category with 17:18 overall, leaving Peterhouse behind quite significantly! 

Later on, we had visitors: Skippy and Loupie, and their friend who are hoping to live aboard soon, and wanted some advice. We had a nice afternoon chatting about boats and I hope they found it useful to hear about our experiences! They also helped us finish off the chocolate tart!

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