Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Favourite Finds v.9

I went to the seven charity shops on Burleigh Street during my lunch hour last week. I was actually looking for some pretty boxes for bits and bobs, and while I didn't have any luck with them I did find a few other fun and useful bits and pieces.

A vintage game of Tell Me (RSPCA shop, £1.50). When I was younger, and in fact every time my family gets together at Christmas, we play this simple quiz game. It has an alphabetic spinner, and the quizmaster calls out the question "Name a ___ beginning with..." before spinning the wheel. The first person to answer gets the card. This old version has great questions like 'An Outstanding Sportswoman', 'A Radio Artist, male or female' and 'Part of a Motorcar'.

The green china jug on the far right of the photo. I've been looking for pretty green and yellow things for my kitchen, and this is perfect! (British Heart Foundation, £2.50)

For ages, we've had a nasty plastic drying rack for crockery and cutlery. I found this simple wooden one for £3 in Oxfam and I'm pleased with the way it looks in my kitchen.

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  1. I love tell me!!! We also used to play it at Christmas!

  2. Oohh.. great pics. We love seeing inside pics of narrowboats being lived in! They look so much more homely than the photos of them for sale. Elly