Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Marathon Challenge

This coming weekend is the BCN Marathon Challenge - a race to cover as much of the Birmingham Canal Navigations as possible in 24 hours

Our blogger friends Richard and Sue on nb Indigo Dream are going to be competing in the challenge to raise money for the Greyhoundhomer branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust and so I thought I would put an appeal for support up on the blog on their behalf. 

Picture from Indigo Dream
We've sadly not met their band of lovable hounds as when we visited Indigo Dream quite by accident recently, the dogs were not on board, but we enjoy reading about their escapades on the blog. Their greyhounds are all rescue dogs and are lucky to have such a great life on and off the boat, but not all are quite so lucky.

This is what they have to say about the charity on their donation website:

We want to dedicate our Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) Marathon Challenge to our favourite good cause - Greyhoundhomer Essex!
Greyhoundhomer is a small charity where all the money raised goes to the care and rehoming of retired racing greyhounds - any money we can raise will make an immense difference to them.

Every year, hundreds of racing greyhounds end their careers either because of age, injury or merely the fact that they weren't winners. Many are put to sleep humanely, a small proportion are cruelly abused and abandoned. The lucky ones find their way to a caring rehoming centre (of which Greyhoundhomer is one) and are found loving homes.

Greyhounds are generally 3 - 5 years old when they retire. They make wonderful pets - placid and loyal, enjoying every home comfort that their doting owners can provide. They do not need a lot of exercise and their favourite activity is sleeping - which is what our three will be doing while we're busy cruising on the marathon challenge!

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  1. Thank you very much for the plug.

    We are now over £1500 in cash terms plus obviously the very useful gift aid so almost at £2000...

    nb Indigo Dream