Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Whisked Off My Feet!

More signs of spring!
For a while, I have been following Jaqueline's blog So This is Love, in which she recounts her simply beautiful love story: she lives in America, and has a keen interest in narrowboats and canals. In 2009, she began emailing Les, a narrowboater in the UK. They became friends and he visited her in October last year, when they fell in love... and that's as far as her story has got so far but I'm keen to hear what happens next!

Anyway, John on Pippin also reads her blog, and wanted to send her a book he thought she'd enjoy. But his computer won't let him comment on her blog for some reason so he asked me to get in touch and get her address for him.

When she replied, as well as her address, she suggested a solution to my baking problem: a rotary hand whisk! I had completely forgotten that such things exist, but now I remember using one as a child while baking with my mother, which I think belonged to my great aunt Polly from New Zealand. I wonder if it is still in her kitchen drawer. Otherwise I will just buy a new one, or scout one out in a charity shop. It would rather put paid to my Off Grid Baking challenge, but it would be fun to be able to whip up cheeseckae mixture and cream and things like that.

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  1. Hi James & Amy
    So glad you`re enjoying the love story of Jaq and i. My blog is ahead of Jaq`s so keep reading mine untill one day in the very near future our blogs will merge as will our lives.
    LES NB Valerie