Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Amy Duck, MA(Cantab)

After the Cam Clean Up, I had to rush off and get changed for my MA graduation, and headed home to get changed and have a shower before cycling over to Selwyn College. It was overwhelming and quite wonderful to see so many people who I'd not seen for so many years. I really enjoyed the afternoon. It was quite bizarre but fun to be back at college, and to be graduating again - the ceremony itself is so arcane, with it all being in Latin, and having to hold the fingers of the Senior Tutor as he presented us to go and kneel before the Vice Chancellor of the university.

This photo is of us just after we collected our MAs. The chaps I'm standing with are a bunch of mathematicians who I was friends with at univeristy including Terry on the left, who I went out with while I was at Selwyn. We are still good friends, and it was great to catch up with him.

We had a wonderful dinner in college, for which I changed into the beautiful maroon dress with white polka dots which I got at the frock swap. I arrrived back on the Duck at gone midnight, and since the clocks were going forwards, only managed to grab about 5 hours sleep before the alarm went off and I had to be up again and rowing!

On Sunday, after I'd finished rowing, I was very happy to meet up with my good friend Rhianna, who I was at university with. She had also graduated with her MA at the weekend, but she went to a different college. She was in town with her husband Simon, so we had a lovely brunch together before meeting up with the mathematicians again for pudding. It was really lovely to see them, and the catch up with the mathmos again.


  1. Sounds lovely! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Amy! When we meet, I look forward to having a discussion about the differences in the way our University systems function. Yours sounds fascinating--and a lot more fun.:)