Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Favourite Finds v.4

I had a real bit of good luck on Thursday when I went charity shopping at lunch. For a while, I've lacked a really good waterproof jacket - I have one which belonged to James but its really basic, just one of those plastic macs which get really sweaty because they're not breathable. For winter boating and general boating in the rain, a proper waterproof is essential, but I'd just not wanted to fork out for an expensive one. So, when I saw this is the Red Cross shop, I was so pleased:

Charity Shop: Red Cross
Originallly: Airwalk

Hair cut finally!
I've not been able to find the original specification for this jacket, but having worn it a few days, I keep discovering useful features. It says it's breathable and has crucial seams sealed, and as you can see, it has an awesome hood. When boating, I really appreciate a proper hood that actually stays up and is peaked. This is both, and it feels like it would stay up even in a wind because of its design. It's got double storm zips, underarm vents, velcro cuffs you can tighten to keep the rain out and loads of useful pockets. I love the colours too (although some will notice that it could almost be a Rob Roy or Corpus Christi boat club splash top... ah well, you can't have it all!).

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