Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Brown Paper Packages

Ok, so it wasn't brown paper or tied up with string, but it definitely contains my favourite things!

Today I received a parcel from my mum. I love receiving parcels in general but especially ones from my mum. She is so kind and generous - as well as sending the 'vintage' rotary handwhisk which used to belong to my Great Aunt Polly in New Zealand (can't wait to try it out!), she packed the box with lots of little treats which she knows I love - jelly babies, wine gums, creme eggs, and some pretty stripey socks and some spotty pants*. It really made my day, which was going pretty well already!

Package of goodies - I love my mum!
* my mum has a history of sending my packages containing underwear - when I was at university they used to arrive on such a regular basis, that my mum began to be known by my friends and I as the Underwear Delivery Service! Now, some people might have been embarrased by this, but I loved receiveing these parcels - such fun, and a reminder that my family at home missed me and were thinking of me wherever I was. <3


  1. We call them Care packages over here. I've sent them to my daughter who lives in Portland, Oregon, and my niece when she was away at college. Your mom sounds like a terrific woman with great taste and a good sense of humor. I cannot wait to read about what delectable treasures you whip up with your new kitchen utensil. :)

  2. Aww that is sooo nice, Mums are just lovely!