Friday, 11 March 2011

Happy Friday!

At lunch today, I came across this cat, snoozing in the sunshine. I stroked him and he was sooo warm, as was the concrete he was lying on. I wanted to stretch out in the sun too!
Things I'm looking forwards to:

  • The sun is out today, so I have my fingers crossed for a lovely weekend.
  • Rowing - I have a outing first thing Saturday and on the Sunday my crew for the big race on the Thames on the 19th are racing in the final race of the Winter League and currently leading our category by about a minute aggregated time. All going well, we might just win!
  • Two birthday parties: a tea party and a surprise evening do.
  • I've had sinusitis all week - I'm prone to it and it makes me feel run down, but hopefully a sunny, refreshing weekend will clear my head, literally!
On another note, my thoughts are with those affected by the tsunami in Japan.