Friday, 18 March 2011

I like to be in Amer-i-ca!

Last night, James and I were walking back to the boat after a meeting to discuss the Cam Clean Up. We walked past the ADC (student) theatre on the way, and in a moment of spontaneity went in to see if there was anything on and if there were any tickets. We saw that the Lent Tem Musical was West Side Story, which I've never seen, and James has always wanted to take me to, so we asked if there were any tickets. The show had been fully booked up, but there were three tickets which had just been returned, in the second from front row! Delighted, we bought two of them and went upstairs to eat ice-cream in the ADC bar. We considered going home to light the fire, but decided that it was not too cold and that eating ice-cream was more important!

The show was wonderful (the two people directly in front of us didn't show up so we were effectively in the front row!). Of course the songs are well known, but I only vaguely knew the plot, so I enjoyed it hugely and found it terribly moving. It was well acted, well choreographed (both the fighting and dancing) and the singing was wonderful. I would say try to go see it but all the shows are booked out unless you are lucky enough to get returned tickets like we did.

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  1. You say you only vaguely knew the plot - but of course you realize it is based on Romeo and Juliet.