Friday, 4 March 2011

My Favourite Finds V.2

This week, I really wanted to post another Favourite Finds outfit, but the weather has been so cold, that I've just not felt like standing about outside with no coat on!

So, here is a really useful find from this week. Our kitchen (galley?) clock broke a few weeks ago, and it was a tacky plastic one from Woolworths which really needed replacing anyway. So while I would really love a proper brass ship's clock, I was pleased to find this wooden one in the Cancer Research shop for £3.

Perfectly sized for the bulkhead between the kitchen and the bathroom, it's pretty standard, but it works for the location, and I'm pleased with it, especially because all the clocks I came across in other shops in town were either huge and tacky or just as plasticky as the old one. Will keep an eye out on ebay for a proper brass on though! P.S The duck is a hint at our vast duck collection which I will be blogging about soon!

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