Thursday, 29 March 2012

Any Questions V.7: A Boat with a View

In light of the fact that some of our readers are not necessarily boaters, last year I started a feature called 'Any Questions?'. If there's anything about narrowboating, or living afloat that you're curious about then please get in touch! Here's today's question and answer.

Ian, who is a blogger without a boat wants to know what our view is like from the boat, given the highish bank on the edge of the Common. The simple answer is that it doesn't matter, because the view over the river is so good and we have deliberately arranged the boat to avoid looking out of the bank side windows and prevent other people looking in! We moor so that when you sit on the sofa you look out over the river, and we have a curtain up to prevent nosy visitors looking in.

This is the view from the bank side window, through the curtain:

All this talk got me thinking about views from our windows so I got together a collection of views both on our mooring and while out and about! Boaters really do get the best views. People living in bricks and mortar pay so much for a glimpse of the river, but you can't beat seeing swans and ducks come up to the kitchen window!

Widgeon, on the Thames at Dorney

Kayak and canoe race last year

Baking while cruising out of town

Iced in this winter

Kitchen window
What can you see out of your windows?
You can see the answers to previous questions here!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for that. It was only when I saw this photo on your blog: that I realised the bankside view might be almost entirely obstructed - which I think is a shame, as the common can look so lovely. Still, with such glorious views of the river, why worry? I guess there are several boats with their bows pointing downstream, just so that their dinettes, kitchens, etc. can overlook the river!

    Will you be opting for portholes on your next boat? That's probably a daft question, given your preference for a historic narrowboat, but I'll ask anyway. :-)

    I can understand the advantages of portholes, but I think I'd miss the extra light and better views offered by windows.

    Regards to James & Lyra,

  2. I think it is one of the loveliest things about our cruising lifestyle, the different views we enjoy every day, even washing up has an upside when on the move!