Friday, 30 March 2012

Narrow Boats at Work

The other day Sarah blogged about a book called Narrow Boats at Work by Michael E Ware, where she'd found a photo  inspiring her to lay chequered vinyl on her back cabin floor. She also suggested that copies of the book could be found very cheaply! And so it proved - I found a copy on Amazon for 99p and a few days later, my copy arrived. 

It was a glorious day so I took my lunch out into the park behind where I work, found a nice spot under a magnolia tree in full bloom, and sat down to read it. It's a great book for historic boat enthusiasts like me and James, because it has just the right balance of interesting text with lots and lots of photos. I have spotted a lot of boats I know in its pages, including one we've both steered, the large Northwich Yeoford, in which we competed in the BCN Challenge.

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  1. That is really a great spot to sit down and read and relax! Too bad, i live where there are only apartments and concrete roads. Anyway, that sure looks like an interesting and fun book, will check it out on amazon. Thanks for the info.