Sunday, 18 March 2012

The First Step...

... to conquering an addiction is to admit you have a problem. So, here goes! My name is Amy and I'm addicted to joining committees. I'm already Secretary of the rowing club, Secretary of Camboaters, and Membership Secretary of the Young Working Boaters Society. Enough, I thought!
Then, on Wednesday evening I attended the AGM of the Friends of Midsummer Common. I planned to just go along, hear what was happening, and maybe meet some new people. But then I saw another boater there, who is currently on the FOMC committee. He asked if I would consider taking on the role of Boater Representative on the Committee, as he was standing down. They only meet three times a year, he said, it's not a big commitment. It's important that the views of the boaters is heard, I thought, and they seemed like a friendly bunch. They also gave me a big slice of extremely delicious carrot cake and some pear juice. What could I say? After a talk by Pip Noon of the Cam Conservancy (boo, hiss... etc) I was duly elected.
My first meeting as a committee member is next Tuesday... I shall be reporting back.
It appears I am already on their website - along with a truly dreadful photo taken at the AGM when I was accosted by the chairman brandishing a camera.


  1. Goodness Amy I thought that we were committee addicts but I think that you trump us. Possibly because you are so very charming :). Hope you had fun today.


  2. And we may have another one to tempt you with of course...

  3. Gosh, I dont think I would be able to get all the relevent minutes, forms and paperwork out promptly enough to be on four committees, nor be wearing the right hat at the right meeting. Plus, I hate meetings, too many work ones.