Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Best Laid Plans

You know what I said the other day, about how I was already on too many committees and that Friends of Midsummer Common was to be the last one? Well, about that...

I had a call from Jim on Chertsey and Bakewell last night saying would I like to take over his position of Fens Representative on the Historic Narrow Boat Club committee since he no longer has a connection to the Fens? Well, this was one opportunity I couldn't pass up! We really enjoy the HNBC gatherings and have met some great people through our interest in historic boats. So it would be wonderful to be able to give something back (and get to know more people who can keep an ear out for any boats that might be up for sale!).

Image from HNBC
As Fens Rep, I'll be keeping the club up to date with goings on in our area which might affect navigation for longer, deeper boats. One day, if when we have our own, I would like to able to give others advice about accessing this area in an old boat because it can be done but we see so few make the trip (perhaps with good reason!) However, with the Northampton Flight closure I don't know what is going to be possible in terms of access to the Fens this year.

Our search for the perfect converted working boat continues. Watch this space! And if you do happen to hear of anyone selling up a converted old boat, or looking for a 48ft off-grid modern boat then do get in touch!


  1. Blimey! Quite some CV you're building up Amy.


  2. Amy you might be addicted, I on the other hand am allergic. So you go ahead a be a good committee member as without people like you prepared to take the time and make the effort, the world that people like me live in would be in a hell of a state.

    So thank you from me on behalf of all of us who are allergic!