Monday, 12 March 2012

Round the Backs

Sunday was a simply beautiful day - it really felt like Spring was in the air. I know we still need more rain but I couldn't help enjoying the weather! We had arranged with the Cam Con to take the Duck for a trip along the Backs, and had invited a bunch of friends to join us. So, gathered at Jesus Lock, we had eight adults, a 3 month old baby, a little dog and Lyra. It was quite a boatful, and to make it even more special, it was baby Aura's first ever boat trip!  

The aim for the day was to go further than we had before, down a little cut at the back of Darwin College, to a pool by the Granta pub. We weren't sure if it was possible but in the spirit of adventure, we had to have a go. We got all the way to the pool without any issues, but the pool itself was too shallow for winding, so James had to reverse back out again, using the long shaft to push the Duck over the really shallow its! It was all very exciting, if a little nervewracking! Once back out, we stopped for a picnic on the bank by the Mill. We let Lyra out and lazed around in the sun, eating pizza and banana cake. It was really lovely. Lyra, Byron the  little fuzzy dog and baby Aura were all extremely well behaved!

Then it was back along the river (with a bit of bridge jumping for the boys) and through the lock. By this time, quite a crowd was gathered enjoying the sun at the lock, and so there were lots of questions and even a few curious children to be shown around the boat! The lock is not used often so we caused a bit of a spectacle and had to be very aware of where all the gongoozlers were - keeping parents and kids out of the swing of the balance beams etc!

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  1. That must be amazing living afloat. Love the photos, too.

  2. Nice pics, enjoying the sunshine alongside the river. Little kid is little bit worried where he has come. Good blog post.