Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kings Cross New Station Concourse

I pass through Kings Cross station 4-6 times a week, and it really is one of the most depressing London rail terminal buildings (Euston's not great either, but King's Cross's squat green 70's concourse is really nasty, and St Pancras next door really shows it up!)

But there is light at the end of the tunnel - the new station concourse is to be opened on the 19th March, and today they had a model of the new extension for visitors to look at.

The model
Photo of the interior -

The ugly green part is to stay until 2013 - so that until then, visitors to the city arriving at Kings Cross will still be welcomed by a low ceilinged, dimly fluorescent-lit overhanging metal building, but I supposed it is hoped that they are rushed through quickly and don't notice much! In 2013, the whole lot will be replaced by an open public square. 

I am looking forwards to the new concourse opening, not least because it is going to have a branch of my favourite fast food takeaway, Wasabi!

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  1. To appreciate the full glory of Kings Cross, step away from it far enough to see the twin arches of the original build's facade. Now, with your mind's eye, demolish the awful construct in the foreground and open up the two arches.

    It's beautiful.

    So how come we have managed to cock it up so badly for so long?

    Probably for the same reason the original Euston station was replaced by the ghastly lumpen concrete apology of a structure that has failed all good-taste tests since its misbegotten plans were passed in the 1960's.

    Rant, moi?


    But you did get me started!


  2. visited the new kings cross - beautiful!also went to the old sorting office - nearly fell down step as I was too busy looking at decor - more warning please ! got back to liverpool st. without changing stations , great day