Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sophie and Ling: Then and Now

Recently I posted about Sophie Scragg, who we met at Braunston and grew up working Ling and its butty. Sarah scanned in the photo of Sophie which is reproduced in The Art of the Narrowboat Painters and put it together with the photo I took. Sophie will have been 22 in the old photo, taken in Wolverhampton in 1947 (at Broad Street Basin?). What a difference! The old cabin is so much more elegant than the new BW one. I also love the pretty dress she's wearing and her elegant hairstyle. When James and I one day have our own working boat, I love the idea of going to rallies and wearing post-war style boatwomen's outfits. Just as authentic as those gigantic bonnets and dresses so often seen!

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