Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 5: Rushden and Diamonds are Forever!

Wansford Station - Rushden and Diamonds moorings

33 miles, 18 locks

The Nene is a lovely river. Tranquil, remote, beautiful. But there is a lot of it - 58 miles of it in fact. And a lot of locks. Plus, it lies between us and adventure on the canals. So we made a dash for it last year and we are doing the same this year.

Last year, we got to Wellingborough by 10pm after 14 hours cruising but the factory there by the moorings kept us awake. So this year, we stopped after a mere (!) 12 hours, at the lovely quiet Rushden and Diamonds moorings, by the sports centre which is not currently in use. Although Jules left a comment yesterday about how it has been bought by Kettering, so maybe the useful pump out and disposal facilities which were here when the centre was open will one day be reinstated. It's very quiet out here, and since it's such a long mooring, chances of finding space are good.

All going well, we'll be on the canals tomorrow!

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