Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 4: Making Tracks

Whittlesey - Wansford Station moorings
14 miles, 4 locks

Heading into the sunset

Today's cruising was in two parts. Amy headed off to work, and I again turned over and went back to sleep. I'd booked passage through Stanground Sluice off the Middle Level at 1pm. The Middle Level commissioners are keen to reduce the number of lock operations, so as not to introduce too much water into the system as it would only have to be pumped out again! They match up boats going up and down, so as to let down the minimum amount of water.

I set off at 11:15, and after negotiating the 90 degree corner of the Brigatte Bend, was soon out in the countryside. This section is unfortunately boring, especially when the weather is grey as it always seems to be for this bit! However I was soon at Stanground, and was moored up in Peterborough riverside by a quarter past one. After the fun of using the firehose supplied as a waterpoint by the EA to top up the tank in a couple of minutes, I headed into the city centre to buy provisions from the Asda supermarket, and wait for Amy to arrive after work.

I also bought a more secure collar and a lead for Lyra, so we can let her off the boat more often, but keep her safe. Talking of whom, she is once again used to the engine and spends her time curled up on the doormat or on the bed, opening one disdainful eye if you walk past.

I spent some time arranging tools- exciting, I know!- and putting up an array of hooks to store the ring spanners on, in order of size, so they're to hand and stored sensibly, rather than being jumbled in the toolbox. With a mix of metric and imperial sizes, it was frustrating not having the right one immediately to hand! 

Amy arrived at six, and by a quarter past six we were under way once again to get a few miles on the Nene under our belts. The plan was to make Wansford, and although it was grey to start with, by the end of the evening the sunset was turning everything a glorious pink. Our favourite lock at Water Newton was looking particularly appealing as the dusk just started to set in. 

Water Newton lock
Water Newton mill

Dinner underway- sausages, cheesy mash, and caramelised onions.

Although the pontoon at Wansford was full, there are some unofficial moorings on the bankside further along, and so we're moored on pins with the plank out, ready to make a start first thing tomorrow.

Rushden and Diamonds, just over half way up the Nene, is the planned destination tomorrow.

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  1. Is it the R&D football ground you will be mooring at/near? It is in the process of being turned into Kettering Town Football ground as R&D couldn't afford to keep it.
    I don't think there is too much work going on, I know the seats have all been done, and I can't imagine it will effect you anyway! :)