Saturday, 23 July 2011

2011 Town Bumps Races Day 4

My crew didn't manage to hold off City 5 behind us. James's crew had a heroic row over after nearly being caught but by skilful coxing and determined rowing managing to pull away. M2 were bumped but partly because their unlucky cox got her finger caught in the chain holding them on station. She managed to extricate it in time but lost the racing line as a result. M3 unfortunately went down again and got their spoons! W2 rowed over again.

M1 - rowed over
M2 - down one
M3 - down one

W1 - down one
W2 - row over

The post bumps party was epic and resulted in our still being awake and deciding to set off on our cruise at 6 am. We got to Ely at 10 or so and stopped for a nap! Hoping to make Littleport tonight!

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