Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 8: Cowroast

Fenny Stratford- Cowroast

19 miles, 23 locks

Not a bad day's boating, all considered. We didn't start until half past nine, but whilst it was grey at first, the sun soon came out and that set the tone for the whole day- wonderful hot sunshine.

And what could be better than boating in the sun? The GU in this stretch has many locks that are spread out with fairly long pounds between them, as we climbed up towards the summit pound at Tring. Unfortunately we seemed to be the only boat going towards London, as there was no-one to share with and the majority of the locks were against us.

Passing through Linslade and Leighton Buzzard we noticed how busy it was; it was the canal festival, and the towpath was thronged with people having a good day out and enjoying the sun and the moored boats. Having said hello to Alan on Sickle as we passed by, we were soon again in the countryside.

The day continued on pleasantly and we made good time to Marsworth and the flight. We had originally planned to stop at the bottom, but were enjoying the weather and the boating so much that we carried on going! And even though we meant to stop at Bulborne once we reached the summit pound, we headed for the shade of the trees in the cutting and continued chugging onwards to Cowroast, where we moored up at half-past eight. A nice early night, then onwards tomorrow- perhaps as far as Uxbridge, but we'll see how we get on.

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  1. Say hello to Berkhamstead for me. I grew up there. And we moved to Cheddington later, which is near Marsworth. And my aunts lived in Leighton Buzzard.

  2. It was so cool to meet up with you at Cowroast. We definitely could have talked for hours about boats and blogging!