Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Boat Improvements

Coming in to land at Little Thetford yesterday, I tried to get the bows of the boat onto the bank, but the stiff wind, and the current, meant that I wasn't able to. I also thought about all the times when we wanted to move the boat around in the marina. To save our paintwork, and that of everyone else around us (!) we've budgetted and examined our finances- which are alright at the moment, because of some extra part-time work we've been doing- and we've come up with a decision. Today I went onto Chandlery World and looked at their bowthrusters. They are expensive, not to mention the cost of fitting the tube to the boat. But I reckon we can just about afford a good Vetus 55kgf thruster; and, what is more, I've found a piece of tubing in the river which I think will make the perfect tube in the bow to hold it.

All it needs now is for Amy to get her wetsuit on again, and we'll have it fitted in no time.

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