Thursday, 9 April 2009


Mr. ASBO the swan is becoming quite the local celebrity. He's been featured in The Sun, The Mail, and The Telegraph, as well as the Cambridge News.

Plus., if even that celebrity wasn't enough, he's been on BBC Look East!

It all stems from Emma's post here, where she first named the swan "Mr. ASBO".

The swan has attacked me a few times, and although it is a bit wimpy to admit this, having looked behind me to see the swan flying inches behind, wings outstretched and beak forwards and snapping at me, I can confirm that he can be somewhat scary. I've not even got a nice long piece of carbon fibre to persuade him with.

However, a plan has been formulated- I'm about to buy the biggest and most powerful water pistol I can find, to give him a squirt in the face to dissuade him from following me. It's much kinder than bashing him about!

Besides, he's not paid his river licence- although the thought of the Cam Conservators chasing after him with a Form G notice and some gaffer tape to stick it onto him is amusing, to say the least!

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