Tuesday, 31 March 2009

That's more like it!

We set off from the Waterbeach moorings at 4:15 today, and as we cruised northwards the weather got steadily better and better. The journey was lovely, and the sun warm. We had the good fortune to arrive at Bottisham lock minutes after another narrowboat, nb Sanderling, who we shared with, speeding things up somewhat. They were on their first excursioin of the year, from their mooring at Hornigsea, by Baits bite.

At the tiller in short sleeves for the first time this year!

After a brief stop at Upware to collect our post, we were on our way again, essentially in convoy with Sanderling and we both moored up on the EA moorings at Little Thetford. We put dinner in the oven and decided to go for a wander in the village while it cooked. It is a strange little place, with no newsagent, pub or garage, but a recumbent bicycle shop, called D.Tek...

The Duck at Little Thetford

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