Monday, 6 April 2009

Instant Recall

Today at work I got chatting to a customer who mentioned his friends who own NB Dreckly. The name rang a bell, and I remembered that we'd shared a few locks with a boat of this name, at the beginning of our trip. I couldn't remember exactly where it was, but I promised to look it up and post it here and gave them my blog address.

So yes, here it is - On August 6th (Day 5) we ascended Stockton Locks with NB Dreckly and and wrote this of them:

"...NB Dreckly shared the flight with us. They were good company and very efficient at lock wheeling- which isn't surprising, as they'd been doing it for 25 years! We headed up the flight in convivial company, Amy working the locks in a particularly sprightly fashion and myself steering, trying not to make a fool of myself. We managed very well and, parting company at the top lock as they stopped, we felt it was a shame that we wouldn't be able to do the rest of the day's locks in such efficient company!"

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