Friday, 3 April 2009

Licence to Kill... sorry, Navigate

Today an exciting letter awaited me in my pigeon hole at work- postmarked "Peterborough" with the EA logo.

Finally, having filled in the paperwork at the beginning of March, the new licence has arrived. It's an interesting aquamarine colour. I stuck it up- no, sorry, I inserted the plate into the holder with the reverse facing me for inside window affixment- certainly not the obverse, no no- and removed the outer protective paper so as to affix to my craft.

Apart from that, I brought the boat into Ely after work today, and we went to Tesco to stock up. Our most exciting purchase is a Technika iPod dock.

Music has always been very important to both of us. When students, we usually had something playing in the background; for Amy, music helped to relieve the tedium of living in London. We've got very ecletic tastes, from flamenco guitar to Pink Floyd; but, recently, we've missed having music. There's the radio, of course, but we didn't have a way to just come in after work and chose a particular meaningful song, or put on something appropriate to tidy up to, or something relaxing. Now we've got the ability to chose again, and have spent a lovely evening listening through Amy's iPod, from Dr. John, via Dylan, Cream, and Moby. And, bizarrely, the Les Miserables soundtrack...


  1. Tidying-up music? I'm intrigued!

    Spot on with Pink Floyd, though...


  2. Generally, it's "I want to break free"- albeit without the cross-dressing!