Monday, 20 April 2009

There and back again

Stretham- Waterbeach (Saturday), Waterbeach-Cambridge (Sunday)

On Saturday, we set off into the grey and windy Fens, heading either into Cambridge or Waterbeach, depending on mood. The boat was running well, punching through the chop created by the strong winds, and we made good time into Upware, where we retrieved our "Lucky Duck" statuette and lock-gate plinth, with the boat's name inscribed, in addition to our long power cable. After a year of visiting fitfully, and carefully maneuvering in and out, the lease on the marina berth is coming to an end and so we collected the paraphenalia.

We headed into Waterbeach, and ended up lounging in the late afternoon sun, reading and relaxing, and in the evening we met Big John and Jackie of wb Pippin and Simon who owns the dutch barge Cosmos in The Bridge pub, before heading back to Bottisham and their moorings aboard Pippin. A small amount of wine and gin was consumed, strictly in moderation of course, before we assisted John in setting up his blog, and then headed regretfully home across the fens.

Sunday saw us both in Cambridge early for the Radegun Mile head race; run perhaps more frivolously than other races. Then we came back out to Clayhithe aboard Kestrel, before going to The Bridge again and then, after Emma arrived, headed for home in convoy.

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