Saturday, 25 April 2009

Home. At last.

The Duck now has a home. A permanent one.

We're still on The List, waiting for a Cambridge mooring, but this one is nearly as good. On the Cam, easily commutable to Cambridge (no more 7 mile cycle rides in the dark!) and really lovely.

Its surreal. We're sitting here, knowing that we don't have to move again until we want to. What utter luxury. But we will try not to forget that we do live on a boat, and that we can still cruise about.

Right, drinks aboard Pippin call....


  1. Congratulations. But where is your new mooring, or is that a secret?


  2. Congratulations! Enjoy it, it's a lovely spot. Neighbours are nice, too...

  3. Its not a secret, we just can't blog about it! Anyone who would like to know more about it, just email us. :)